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SpiritFaire will be merging with Space Symposium to become one non-profit event based company capable of presenting events throughout the year besides the yearly festivals. The Symposium has been rescheduled to fit into a fall calendar slot, while the Faire will remain in spring.

SpiritFaire — Prices

Subject: SpiritFaire — Prices

We are now in the 2nd phase of the sign-up for booth space and workshop space for SpiritFaire.

The price for each is $30 for a table space, and $30 for a workshop. It will remain as such until the end of the month (Saturday, April 30th) when the May sign-up prices will be put into place.
Please get your sign-ups in as soon as possible before the price increases again.

Because of the way the room is set up at ICHC (Irish Cultural Heritage Center), you may have your choice of booth-against-the-wall, a round table, or a flat, cafeteria table. ICHC actually has diner style booths against one wall — just like the dinettes from the 1950s you used to see in the movies. Some might think that perfect for personal consultation, such as doing readings. And it’s against the wall so you can hang up signs. If display is more of what you are looking for, then a round or cafeteria table might be more to your liking farther out into the room.

Let us know what kind of space you are looking for, and make all checks payable to…

Solar Wind Multimedia LLC
3129 N. 87th St.
Milwaukee WI 53222

And don’t forget to give us your contact information, a brief bio and/or description of your business or service, and a photo that represents you or your product/service, so that we may promote you. We can also give you a special deal if you wish to be present at any of our future events coming up in fall upon request. Please email that stuff in at the e-address below.

You are also allowed 2 comp tickets on request. People who sign-up for your workshops must pay an extra fee to attend said workshop in addition to attendance fee, for which you are the beneficiary.

Thank you.

Ron Schaefer